Saturday, 18 January 2020

Park Slope seasonal hair care

Like face care, hair care depends on the season, but, unfortunately, not everyone has the habit of changing funds for new ones. It is a mistake to think that ringlets deteriorate only under the influence of the scorching sun and dry summer air, in winter the situation is no better. Due to the regular use of the hair dryer and low temperatures outside, the hair becomes brittle and drier.

Use a deep cleansing shampoo once or twice a month, and the rest of the time, moisturizing and nourishing products. If you have curly hair, in the winter they begin to suffer from dryness and low humidity, so choose a special tool for your hair type. Whether the shampoo is correct, the label will tell you, which describes in detail for whom the product is suitable and for whom it is not.

The advice to wash your hair less often sounds categorically, but for the health of your hair it suits just right.

In order not to dry the skin and the hair itself, try to wash your hair 2-3 times a week, and not daily. If you wear hats, change them more often and less often touch your hair with your hands so as not to provoke their pollution.

When the hair is slightly dirty, use dry shampoo. True, Brooklyn Barbers recommend you should not get carried away either, use it in extreme cases and not more often several times a month.

Besides, we recommend you to replenish the beauty shelf in the bathroom with a moisturizing mask and use it at least once a week.

It’s no secret that in the cold season dandruff amplifies. The reason for this is overdried scalp due to low temperatures. Fighting the problem is worth, because hiding scalp under the hoods and hats for a long time does not work, and the situation can be aggravated very fast.


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