Saturday, 18 January 2020

Benefits of coconut oil

The health benefits of Coconut oil capsule(น้ำมันมะพร้าวแคปซูล, which is the term in Thai ) have been talked about for a long time. Although in recent months he has become the protagonist of news in magazines and newspapers as his properties are discussed.

Is it a superfood like kale or spirulina , or may it not benefit health? In this post we will clarify what its properties are, how it can be used and what contraindications it has.

What is coconut oil?

Coconut oil is a vegetable oil, like olive oil, and has about 90% saturated fatty acids . It can be used both in the kitchen and for beauty treatments. It is very important every hum system has to get it, Coconut oil price(น้ำมันมะพร้าวราคา , which is the term in Thai )is not that expensive it worth whatever the price is.

Properties of coconut oil

We already know what it is and the time has come to know what coconut oil is good for. These are its properties:

It reduces the possibility of having heart problems . Currently, there is a controversy about the benefits of coconut oil, due to its high content of saturated fats, as we have seen.

However, it also contains lauric acid that helps lower cholesterol and control hypertension, so it decreases the chances of having heart problems.

Help our immune system . The lauric, capric and caprylic acid present in coconut oil, help us fight viruses and bacteria to maintain the health of our body.

What is coconut oil for?

The uses of coconut oil can be differentiated into two groups: cosmetic uses and use for cooking.

Coconut oil cosmetic uses

As we have seen in the previous section, coconut oil benefits our skin, hair and face, helping us to keep them healthy and looking younger.

To moisturize your face put some coconut oil on a cotton pad and spread it with soft touches on the face before going to sleep. It can also be used as a cleansing milk, to remove makeup.

If you want to moisturize your hair , you can use coconut oil as a mask. It is advisable not to use it purely on the hair but to mix a tablespoon with other moisturizing ingredients such as avocado  or honey.

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